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"Jaguar" Chocolate Male

"Bugatti" Caramel Male

Available Puppies

                 ​Updated 4/18/18

"Lexus" Caramel Female

Available ​Females

1 chocolate

​1 caramel

​Mini-Medium Multigen Goldendoodles

Raya & Fireball

Puppy Selection 4/21/18

Puppy Pick up 5/9/18


​1 male and 3 females available​​

Pecan Pi - Female

"Lamborghini" Chocolate Male

"Pagani" Caramel Male

Pot Pi - Male

​​If you are looking for a standard size Labradoodle, check out our planned puppies page to see what is coming!

​Mini-Medium F1b labradoodles

Bentley & Brewster

Puppy Selection 3/24/18

Puppy Pick up 4/9/18

​$1500 Males

​$1700 Females​​

​4 males and 2 females available​​

"Maserati" Chocolate Female

Plum Pi - Female

all of our animals are our companions

Peach Pi - Female

Available ​Males

2 chocolate

2 caramel