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A Guardian Home is the same as a HOST home.  This is NOT a foster program. This is entered into as what is hoped to be a forever situation.

This is a great opportunity for a person or a family to enjoy "pick of the litter" puppy/dog that is considered for breeding by Companion Creek.   These special puppies spend their lives with their guardian families and come to visit us when needed. The females come to us for genetic/breeding testing and after breeding to whelp and wean their puppies, an average of 7 weeks. We retain ownership of the dogs until their breeding period is complete, at which time the dog is spayed and ownership is transferred to the guardians. We like to think of our Guardians as a partnership, we enjoy the friendships that come from working together.

Here are some prerequisites for becoming a guardian family:

* A fenced in yard or a means to always have dog safely under control
*No intact dogs of the opposite sex are permitted to live in the home to reduce the chances of unwanted mating.
*Guardians must have prior experience raising dogs.
*Must live with in an hour to an hour and a half of us OR be willing to drive here as needed.
*Willingness to follow guidelines and recommendations set forth by Companion Creek pertaining to care and feedings. Healthy puppies come from healthy dogs.
*Willingness and availability to make dog available to Companion Creek for testings, matings and any veterinary appointments or needs we feel necessary.

What are the benefits for the guardian family and the dog?

*The guardian family has a “‘pick of the litter” puppy personally chosen by us.
*The guardian family is given a “thank you” bonus of a dollar amount agreed upon by us for every live litter she has. We do encourage our Guardians to come and visit Mom and pups while Mom is here raising and weaning her pups.
*If guardian family decides to adopt another puppy from us, they get first option of being a guardian of the puppy from their dogs litter.
*The Guardian Family gets to share the joy and excitement of helping to provide loving well socialized pups to our wonderful waiting families!

*Last but not least, the Guardian Family is helping our breeding program provide service dogs to battle -PTSD through Clever Companions and other service dog organizations and happy healthy members of families.

The dog is placed with its forever family and never has to be raised in a kennel or to find a new family after it’s breeding period is over!  All of our dogs live in our home.  We want all breeding dogs to be in our home or homes with people or families that love them as much as we do.

If you think you would like to be a Guardian Family, please send an
application to our email.  We will then like to contact you by phone to discuss details. Please send the application to or feel free to contact us at 678-232-6990

​Guardian Program